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Barbers, Welcome.

American Shave House will be a National brand, we are always looking for talented individuals who are on our frequency to join us on this climb to the pinnacle of this industry. Below you will see links for career opportunities and also private classes and education. Local barbers looking to build and make each other better. Invest in Yourself.

Join the Shave House Army!

We are looking for barbers that want to build. If your not moving forward, your moving backwards. Are you stagnant at your current barber shop? Do you want something fresh and exciting? We take our craft super serious and we have an amazing time doing it. We continue education and make each other better daily. Develop a brotherhood and be a part of something bigger than you. Click the link

Trimming Hair
Shaving Hair


Owner of American Shave House, Ryan Adams, has 20 years experience behind the chair with the machines in his hands. This man knows the ins and outs of this industry and his way around a head. Our fading techniques are flawless, our shaves are the closest. Learn how we do what we do by signing up for a 1 on 1 class or a shadow visit today. Invest in yourself.

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